Wholesale section

No.1 building

Gomen Clothing Co., Ltd.

Gomen Clothing Co., Ltd. (Sales counter: 36,000 square meters),
a wholesaler dealing in high grade articles from clothing to accessories, and providing for retail stores.

No.1 Bldg. : 3-2-23,Minamihonmachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka
No.2 Bldg. : 3-1-8,Minamihonmachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka
TEL (06) 6245-1212  FAX (06) 6245-1275

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No.2 Building

Gomen Textile

Gomen Textile Co., Ltd.

Gomen Textile Co., Ltd., a wholesaler dealing in many sorts of textiles and fabrics, and providing for manufacturers, boutiques of all over the country.

Head Office : 3-3-14,Kyutaromachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka
TEL (06) 6252-3631 FAX (06) 6244-0873

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Lucky Co., Ltd.

Lucky Co., Ltd., a wholesaler dealing in underclothes, mainly products by "GUNZE". It is possible to enter even in
"Gomen membership card".

Head Office : 3-4-9,Minamihonmachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka
TEL (06) 6251-5953 FAX (06) 6251-9850


Marudai Co., Ltd. Head Office

Chuwa Co., Ltd.Marudai Division

Marudai Co., Ltd., a general clothing store dealing in a lot of articles whatever you wear, from baby clothes to aged wears, underwears, socks, outerwears, accessories and women's shoes. Everybody can enter after registration, and can get them for reasonable price.

Head Office : 3-5-8,Kyutaromachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka
TEL (06) 6252-3091 FAX (06) 6252-4175

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Retail section

Kirindo Joto Store

Gomen Kirindo Co., Ltd.

Gomen Kirindo Co., Ltd., a retailer specialized in garments, covering closely on needs of the local residents and attached to consumers.

Joto Store : 1-8-7,Imafuku-nishi,Joto-ku,Osaka
TEL (06) 6932-1231 FAX (06) 6931-8117

Shonai Store : 2-22-10,Shonai-nishimachi,Toyonaka-city,Osaka
TEL (06) 6333-5351 FAX (06) 6333-5356

Awaji Store : 4-19-14,Awaji,Higashiyodogawa-ku,Osaka
TEL (06) 6323-5551 FAX (06) 6322-1833

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Kirindo Shonai Store
Kirindo Awaji Store
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Production section

Hyakuzen Osaka Head Office

Hyakuzen Co., Ltd.

Hyakuzen Co., Ltd., a converter dealing in Women's fabric, also an Women's apparel manufacture.
They have 3 divisions. The contents are "Textile div.", as a converter of well-known textiles and high grade printed fabrics for famous apparel manufactures, "Fashion Creator div.", as a apparel manufacture connected directly with a famous chain stores and "Ben div.", as an original equipment manufacture for a famous women's apparel production and general merchandise stores.

Osaka Head Office : 1-9-1,Kitakyuhojimachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka
TEL (06) 6262-2031 FAX (06) 6264-1576

Tokyo Head Office : 2-3-2,Nihonbashi-Bakurocho,
TEL (03) 3639-8521 FAX (03) 3664-0689

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Hyakuzen Tokyo Head Office

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Management section

Gomen Co., Ltd.

Gomen Co., Ltd., a total administrative section of Gomen Group, which control the diversified business planning and manage its accounting totally.
Therefore, Gomen Group is always growing up and expanding.

Head Office : 3-2-23,Minamihonmachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka


Gomen Co., Ltd.

Chuwa Co., Ltd.

Chuwa Co., Ltd., a holding company of Gomen Group, which is planning and carring out a enterprise and owns Gomen Group's lots/buildings.

Head Office : 1-9-1,Kitakyuhojimachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka


Total Sports field Company owned House