Message of the Gomen Group

Diversified Business

"Gomen Group" contains the whole field of fashion products from manufacturing to selling within the group,
and a central role is Gomen Clothing co., Ltd., which deals in the whole clothing, textiles, accessories and interior decorations.
Gomen Group manages the comprehensive fashion distribution process ,including each department such as "the production department", "the converter department", "the wholesale department" and "the retail department".

It enables Gomen group to manage all of the textile distribution process, thus our product planning capability and the sales activities are high, and these become characteristics of the company.

Information Network

While going with flow in the times, Gomen Group is innovating at all times ,and developing the unique distribution network deeply and more widely.
In the diversifying market, we do not only follow the trend in the market, but we also try to find essence out from the information which overflows and anticipates the times on all aspects, including materials, designs and sewing techniques.

For providing good and high quality commodities, Gomen Group is aiming for structure which put emphasis on the planning capability and the suggestion activities from the making of shop composition to the promotion of salesperson.

Comprehensive Power of Gomen

By such comprehensive power, always will be able to say that Gomen Group receives high evaluation and strong reputation is that we always provide a product with good quality.

A fashion producer, Gomen Group will propose a trend to the Japanese textile industry as the information transmission base with spirit which is called "the mind of enterprise" into the business power of Semba which was cultivated by the history and the tradition in the future.

Profile of the Gomen Group

as ofJune 1st, 2012 

 Company Name Gomen Group
  • Gomen Co., Ltd.
  • Gomen Clothing Co., Ltd.
  • Gomen Textile Co., Ltd.
  • Gomen Kirindo Co., Ltd.
  • Hyakuzen Co., Ltd.
  • Lucky Co., Ltd.
  • Marudai Co., Ltd.
  • Chuwa Co., Ltd.

 Head Office 3-2-23,Minamihonmachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka 〒541-0054
TEL (06) 6245-1212 FAX (06) 6245-1275

 Foundation 1923

 Established July 5th, 1949

 Capital 970 million yen

 Representative CEO Fumiaki Yamada

 Business General Clothing Company
  • Department Store specialized in General Fashion Clothes
  • Wholesale of General Fashion Clothes, Accessories, Bedclothes and Interior
  • Women's Apparel manufacturer, Textile converter
  • Import & Export of Textile goods

 Staff 450 employees

 Sales amount 24 billion yen

History of the Gomen Group

History Events
1923 Foundation.
1949 Gomen Co., Ltd established in Semba.
1958 New office building completion.
1959 Hyakuzen Co., Ltd established in Minamihonmachi, Higashi-ku
(Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku at present).
1960 Hyakuzen Co., Ltd established the office in Tokyo.
1960 Total Sports Field completion in Tondabayashi-city,Osaka
(Gross area: 50,000 square meters).
1965 Established General Clothing Wholesale Department in Minamihonmachi,
Higashi-ku (Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku at present).
1966 Kirindo Joto Store opened.
1968 Kirindo Shonai Store opened.
1969 Hyakuzen Co., Ltd. established the new head office in Osaka.
1971 Gomen Co., Ltd established the new head office.
1977 Gomen Clothing Co., Ltd, Gomen textile Co., Ltd and Gomen Kirindo Co., Ltd established.
1979 Gomen Kirindo Awaji Store opened.
1982 Hyakuzen Co., Ltd established the new head office "Centopia Building" in Tokyo.
1983 Gomen Co., Ltd built the No.2 head office.
1986 Foreign loan published.
1986 Fumiaki Yamada becomes as CEO of Gomen Co., Ltd.
1990 The participation of the making a presentation of International Garden and Greenery Exposition pavilion Dairin-kai Fantasium of water.
1991 The building extension of Gomen Co., Ltd No.2 head office.
1996 Built Men's Plaza annex to Gomen Kirindo Shonai Store.
1999 Gomen Kirindo Joto Store newly opened.
2000 Lucky Co., Ltd established.
2002 Marudai Co., Ltd established.
2005 The building extension of Marudai Co., Ltd.
2010 Gomen Co., Ltd obtained an office building "Yotsubashi Shinmachi Building" in Osaka.
2012 Hyakuzen Co., Ltd opened a new Showroom at the 10th floor of "Centopia Building Tokyo".
2013 Joto Plaza building completion.
2014 Gomen Co., Ltd obtained an office building "Hommachi Itachibori Building" in Osaka.